Month: October 2019

Jayesh Sonje, CPPR Student, awarded travel stipend by University of Maryland-NIST outreach program

Jayesh Sonje, a graduate student at the University of Minnesota in Dr. Raj Suryanarayanan’s lab, received a travel grant for performing small angle neutron scattering experiments to understand protein aggregation in frozen systems.  The outreach program encourages first-time users, provides them with essential educational opportunity to visit the NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) facility in Maryland, and enables them to carry out experiments with the guidance of NIST scientific staff. 

CPPR Faculty, Professor Calvin Sun at the University of Minnesota, receives the 2019 Shangraw Award by the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council

Professor Changquan “Calvin” Sun is being honored for his many contributions in the study of excipients and excipient-related technology.  He joins previous CPPR Shangraw awardees, Professor Raj Suryanarayanan (University of Minnesota) and Professors Diane Burgess and Robin Bogner (University of Connecticut).

Recently Graduated CPPR Student, Dr. Shreya Kulkarni, receives NIPTE Outstanding Student Research Award

The National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education announced its 2019 awardees, including recently graduated CPPR Student, Dr. Shreya Kulkarni, from the Bogner Lab at University of Connecticut.  Shreya was awarded for her dissertation research including findings from a CPPR project on reconstitution of high concentration lyophilized proteins.  Dr. Kulkarni is now with Bristol-Myers Squibb.