Author: Nault, Joanne

CPPR Faculty, Dr. Lynne Taylor, is 2020 AAPS Dale Wurster Awardee

Dr. Lynne Taylor, Retter Professor of Pharmacy at Purdue University in the Department of Industrial and Physical Pharmacy, was honored by the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists with the Dale Wurster Research Award.   Awarded every other year, The Wurster Research Awards is for significant research contributions in pharmaceutics.  Dr. Taylor is the second CPPR faculty to be selected for the Wurster Award.  She joins Dr. Diane Burgess, the 2018 awardee. 

CPPR Fall Scientific Conference held virtually on Nov 9-11, 2020

Nearly 50 industrial scientists, faculty and students came together to share results, ideas, and proposals at the 25th anniversary meeting of the Kildsig Center for Pharmaceutical Processing Research.  Final reports of 4 projects, updates on 7 ongoing projects and 5 proposals were presented.  Participants moved in and out of virtual breakout rooms at the poster session.  Read more about the CPPR at   

CPPR Student, Dana Moseson, awarded 2020 NIPTE Outstanding Student Researcher

Dana Moseson, Ph.D. candidate in Lynne Taylor’s group at Purdue University, and University of Minnesota student, Hongbo Chen from CPPR Faculty Calvin Sun’s group, were awarded the 2020 Outstanding Student Researcher by the National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology and Education.  Dana and Hongbo join graduated CPPR Student, Shreya Kulkarni (UConn), the 2019 winner and 2018 winner,
Nivedita Shetty (Purdue University) in receiving this prestigious award.